Suddenly, an older adult needs help with the tasks of daily living. It may come as an unexpected crisis or a slow change, but now you realize they need help – and so do you. You are not alone! Just make one call to Schmieding Aging Services and you'll get the expert help you're looking for.  We’ll provide you with free information, referrals, and consultation.


Our initial services are free to the community. Schmieding Aging Services is a community service designed to help families and older adults connect with the community resources, education, and services they need to stay at home safely, to experience healthy aging, to reduce caregiver stress, and  to improve their quality of life.


We will provide helpful information and education based on your personal situation. This information may include our Guide to NWA Aging Resources, a directory of caregivers trained in the Schmieding Method of home caregiving and additional information tailored to your specific needs.


When you need specific services, such as applying for Medicaid, medication programs, in-home care programs, suitable housing options, and other specialized assistance, we will make appropriate referrals to organizations and resources offering the services you need.


It is often helpful to have an in-office consultation with our licensed social worker. The social worker will offer suggestions and recommendations based upon your needs. Suggestions and recommendations may include referrals to geriatric medical specialists, cognitive testing, general education materials, the hiring of trained home caregivers, and more.


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Family Support Services

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia can leave you with so many questions.  You and your family may not know where to turn for answers.  Schmieding Aging Services can help.  Our licensed social worker offers one-on-one education and support for families, including:

Utilizing our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Family Support Services means you have access to our expert staff throughout your journey.  We will continue to provide education and support to you as your needs and questions change.    

We also offer support groups and community educational events related to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. 

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